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How to sort posts alphabetically in WordPress

Sorting posts in WordPress is pretty easy. Though, looking on search, there’s so many different ways to do it, including the use of plugins.

I try my best to stay away from using plugins as much as possible (I don’t like plugin bloat) – so what I do is try and code as much as I can into the template I’m creating. I may want to use a certain type of sorting order for one archive of posts, but for another archive I might want a different type of sorting order.


hacked website sending emails on cpanel server

Hacked website sending e-mails automatically on cPanel server

Last week, I noticed my dedicated server (exim) was sending huge amounts of e-mails. In cPanel > E-mail > Mail Queue Manager, there were over 6000 e-mails in the exim queue to be sent from a specific e-mail address of an account on my server.

I currently run a dedicated server that hosts about 250 web design clients, so keeping a constant eye on every account is impossible, though, I check the mail queue and server resource usage quite regularly to ensure that nothing fishy is going on.



How to make your WordPress website SSL without a plugin

Making your WordPress website work with SSL is quite easy. There are a few plugins available online that work with WordPress though many of them have been found to slow your website down. I’ve found it much fast to directly input the code into the .htaccess file.

Assuming you’re using cPanel, log in and edit your “.htaccess” file. If you can’t see your “.htaccess” file, when you click on “File Manager”, make sure you that show all file. Once you’ve found it, edit it and replace the existing rules with these ones.


remove jquery select woocommerce

Disable WooCommerce state select field from using Select2 JQuery

So I set up an e-commerce site for a client using WordPress and WooCommerce and used a theme called Flatsome. It’s a pretty cool theme, probably one of the best themes on WooCommerce. Mind you, I don’t really like using themes, I think most themes are too bloated, have WAY too many settings and also restrict you with their shortcodes should you decide to move to a new theme, anyway – that argument is for another day.

Basically, my client was having problems with a lot of her customers not being able to select the state dropdown menu on their iPads and iPhones – so there may be some sort of issue on that end, however, the easiest fix of them all was to just disable the fancy Select2 coding so that the drop down is just a standardĀ drop down menu.


Remove all WooCommerce Sale Prices at once

One of my clients runs a WooCommerce website on WordPress and has 450 products on it, he went in and added a sale price for every single product, so basically every product now is at sale price, not regular price. He now wants to remove all of the sale prices completely and return the website to how it was before.

The problem with removing sale prices is there’s really no fast way of completely removing them, especially if you’ve set up a schedule, you need to go into every product individually and remove them so that it returns to the normal prices. I figured out a way to do it fast, using phpMyAdmin and a free plugin.


Show loading spinner whilst WooCommerce order is processing

WooCommerce is a fantastic plugin for WordPress, it allows anyone to sell their own products quickly and is reasonably easy to set up with a theme, or a bit more complex when you’re creating your own theme.

I was setting up a client’s website the other day and noticed that WooCommerce doesn’t have (unless I’m mistaken) a loader/spinner animation show when you click on the “place order” button.

On the current website i’m working on, when “place order” is clicked, the screen changes to a lighter opacity but nothing else happens until obviously the confirmation screen appears. With some websites, communicating between your website and the credit card processor may take longer than anticipated, your customer may think the website has frozen and be tempted to hit the back button which could affect the order.



How to fix CPANEL permissions issue

I run a dedicated server which uses CPANEL/WHM.

My client wanted to duplicate their website and it was absolutely massive, around 10 gb with a lot of pictures and files in some of theirĀ folders. They wanted to also keep their existing website as well, so I had to figure out a way to copy their entire 10gb website over to a new account.

Compressing the website files, downloading and re-uploading was not an option because it would’ve taken all day, so I thought of a different way around it.



Gravity Forms confirmation emails going to spam – FIXED

I don’t know about you, but I love Gravity Forms in WordPress, it’s such a useful plugin for creation of fast, on-the-fly forms. I use Gravity Forms in nearly every website I create. Despite how good it is, I’ve had some problems recently receiving gravity form e-mails to my e-mail.

What’s happening exactly? So, someone comes onto my website and wants to enquire for more information. They fill out a small enquiry form and voila! an email should be sent to me with their details so that I can contact them. Ideally, the contact form should be sending to my e-mail, but be from the person enquiring so that I can click reply to the e-mail and it responds back to them without having to open a new message and copy their e-mail address into it.