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Add Bootstrap rows to the WooCommerce loop

Bootstrap is an awesome grid system and is the one of the most popular choices for web designers worldwide. Mostly because it’s such an easy system to learn.

WooCommerce is a different story, tonight I was almost ripping my hair out trying to “bootstrapify” a custom theme with WooCoommerce, and I ran into a big problem.

On the products category page, I wanted Bootstrap to spit out a row every 4 products so that they are all in line and they don’t play up if one of the product titles are larger. Three hours later after a lot of trial and error, I finally figured it out.



Remove Wootheme Updater message in WooCommerce

One of my pet hates is plugin notifications on WordPress, especially the ones you can’t remove without the click of an exit button. WooCommerce plugins tend to put a message at the top of the screen on your dashboard enticing you to install the “WooThemes updater plugin”. I can see how the plugin is useful, as it will allow you to ensure all of your WooCommerce plugins are up to date…but it’s really annoying, especially if you’re making the website for a client who will see that and wonder what it’s all about..

Fixing empty or blank searches from displaying all posts in WordPress

After creating my own WordPress theme, I needed a search page. I created “search.php” (as that is the template that WordPress recognises to display search results). After testing, I noticed if I hit the submit button without entering a search query, all of the posts on my website will display. Obviously, this isn’t good and after looking online have found a fix to show you.



How to sort posts alphabetically in WordPress

Sorting posts in WordPress is pretty easy. Though, looking on search, there’s so many different ways to do it, including the use of plugins.

I try my best to stay away from using plugins as much as possible (I don’t like plugin bloat) – so what I do is try and code as much as I can into the template I’m creating. I may want to use a certain type of sorting order for one archive of posts, but for another archive I might want a different type of sorting order.


hacked website sending emails on cpanel server

Hacked website sending e-mails automatically on cPanel server

Last week, I noticed my dedicated server (exim) was sending huge amounts of e-mails. In cPanel > E-mail > Mail Queue Manager, there were over 6000 e-mails in the exim queue to be sent from a specific e-mail address of an account on my server.

I currently run a dedicated server that hosts about 250 web design clients, so keeping a constant eye on every account is impossible, though, I check the mail queue and server resource usage quite regularly to ensure that nothing fishy is going on.



How to make your WordPress website SSL without a plugin

Making your WordPress website work with SSL is quite easy. There are a few plugins available online that work with WordPress though many of them have been found to slow your website down. I’ve found it much fast to directly input the code into the .htaccess file.

Assuming you’re using cPanel, log in and edit your “.htaccess” file. If you can’t see your “.htaccess” file, when you click on “File Manager”, make sure you that show all file. Once you’ve found it, edit it and replace the existing rules with these ones.