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Send e-mails to user account email and billing email in WooCommerce

I had this small, annoying problem the other day which is contributing to my hair loss. It was the ability to CC a user into WooCommerce e-mail correspondence. So basically, when WooCommerce sends an e-mail to your customer when their order is placed and completed, I want it to send the email to another user too. That’s all and well if you want to send it to one user for every order, but what I needed was a bit different.

When a customer sets up an account in WooCommerce, they can specify their account login (this is the login / username they use to log into your website), they can also specify a billing e-mail, which would basically mean that any billing related emails, like confirmations from your online shop would go to just the billing e-mail that this customer has provided. That’s fine! BUT – if you for some reason want your user account e-mail and your billing account e-mail to both receive this e-mail, that’s where WooCommerce falls short.  I spent hours on end trying to figure out how I can make it work, and I have finally have.

I’m currently running on WooCommerce 2.5.5 (the latest version as of 23rd March 2016), the below code snippet will allow your website to send order confirmation e-mails to both your account user e-mail AND your billing email.

Just add this code snippet into your functions.php

 * E-mail user and billing e-mail

add_filter( 'woocommerce_email_headers', 'mycustom_headers_filter_function', 10, 3);

function mycustom_headers_filter_function($headers,$object,$order) {
        global $current_user;
      $headers = array();
      if($object == "customer_completed_order"){
           $order = new WC_Order($order->id);
          $customer = get_userdata($order->customer_user);
            $headers[] = 'cc: '.$customer->display_name.' <'.$customer->user_email .'>';
            $headers[] = 'Content-Type: text/html';
            return $headers;
        $headers[] = 'cc: '.$current_user->user_firstname.' '.$current_user->user_lastname.' <'.$current_user->user_email .'>';
        $headers[] = 'Content-Type: text/html';
        return $headers;
      /*echo 'Username: ' . $current_user->user_login . "\n";
      echo 'User email: ' . $current_user->user_email . "\n";
      echo 'User level: ' . $current_user->user_level . "\n";
      echo 'User first name: ' . $current_user->user_firstname . "\n";
      echo 'User last name: ' . $current_user->user_lastname . "\n";
      echo 'User display name: ' . $current_user->display_name . "\n";
      echo 'User ID: ' . $current_user->ID . "\n";*/

Depending on your setup, I cannot guarantee that this code will not conflict or work 100%, I take no responsibility for the code, but if it does work,
then you’ve saved yourself some precious coding hours!

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