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Disable WooCommerce state select field from using Select2 JQuery

So I set up an e-commerce site for a client using WordPress and WooCommerce and used a theme called Flatsome. It’s a pretty cool theme, probably one of the best themes on WooCommerce. Mind you, I don’t really like using themes, I think most themes are too bloated, have WAY too many settings and also restrict you with their shortcodes should you decide to move to a new theme, anyway – that argument is for another day.

Basically, my client was having problems with a lot of her customers not being able to select the state dropdown menu on their iPads and iPhones – so there may be some sort of issue on that end, however, the easiest fix of them all was to just disable the fancy Select2 coding so that the drop down is just a standard┬ádrop down menu.

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